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Suitable for :

Employees who have no professional qualification but need the support of a working environment to nurture their career – Those with a curious mind who  seek personal development through hard work and with the help of Mentors. – The Missing Middle

Employees who play a key role to the organisation and are often those individuals who work behind the scenes to support their managers or executives deliver important business objectives, learning as they go.

COVID 19 has affected these employees the most – as their career advancement and work learning opportunities have been put aside in doing so slowing their professional journey.

What the Mentorship program offers :

  • A deeper understanding of the importance of the role played by the individual
  • Understand their own unique positions and the possibilities open to them through their aspirations and future orientations to employment
  • Mapping career advancement opportunities within the organisation
  • Bridging the skills gap and planning for the future
  • Understand the journey and its process
  • Amplifying the current role and investigate improved outputs
  • Relevant Tools and Training
  • How to improve focus and limit distractions
  • Managing upwards
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