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Working with the Line Manager as businesses recover from  either  a retrenchment and/or organisational re-structure, as well as new shareholder scenario’s

Supporting key influencers of the business as we navigate disruption that often arises from a restructure. Supporting the Exco keep the business in motion and overcome any negativity or non-productivity  while re endorsing a company culture.


Suitable for :  Business influencers and Ambassadors

What the Mentorship program offers :

  • Assist with getting staff back on a productive path asap
  • Unpacking the impact of change and setting ground rules for the new norm
  • Access workloads and find get buy in on ‘best practice’ for new work streams. (*)
  • Review Internal and External communications
  • Motivation and Productivity – checklists
  • Setting time for re calibration (*)
  • Rebuilding teams and entrenching company culture (existing or new)
  • Having relevant (sometimes tough) conversations with your executive to help steer the business in the right direction.
  • Building influence through collaboration
  • Be the best ambassador for your Company
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