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David Brauer

About me

Everything I do is with integrity. I believe that if your heart is not in it, then your mind doesn’t matter. I love to work on purposeful products, things that help other people – hence I like to work in social focused companies. I am an avid Manchester United fan, and a recent F1 addict. I love cats more than dogs – also a recent discovery. A huge Playstation gamer too! I’m not a risk taker. I say this often. I like to research and plan and analyse before I jump into anything. But then again, I have gone solo to Thailand to try be a Kickboxer, and I did spend 3 months in Taiwan last year attempting the digital nomad life. So I am risk averse? I’ll let you know when I know.
I love my family, my few but very close friends. I’m a deep empath, and am always focused on my team and how everyone feels emotionally, just as much as the functional output. I care about people more than profits.


6+ years of Digital experience. Several Internships while I studied my first degree. Intern at Quirk (Mirum), BrandsEye and Native (VML). First full-time job at ‘forgood’. forgood is a marketplace, for volunteers to meet charities, and find a way to assist/help them. I came in as a junior to assist, and realised quickly what the service/product needed to succeed, and so I convinced the CEO to hire a Senior to lead the product.
This is where I learnt most of my digital skills. From managing external development teams, both locally and internationally, to product design and agile project management, I upskilled massively at forgood. Following this was a small stint at BrandsEye as a social media sentiment analyst. My time there taught me a ton about social media, and how we analyse online conversations.

I completed my second degree with Dublin Institute of Technology, where I became the youngest person to complete the degree, finishing with A class honours to boot. After studying, I found a new home for 3 years at Umuzi. Umuzi is a learnership academy that upskills talented young adults who lack access to tertiary education; we also place them in high value jobs after the training.
I ran the Strategy department, and taught around 20 students over the years.
I focused on Design Thinking and even wrote an entire NQF Level 5 curriculum, which was accredited by SETA. Additionally, I also ran recruitment which entailed finding all these amazing young adults. This included things like automated email campaigns, lead generation, user funnels, acquisition and retention strategies, and paid media advertising.
I loved my Umuzi family, but I reached I point where needed to spread my wings and find new challenges. This would have been teaching English in China this year, but alas. Currently, I am consulting to a local company who is developing an app in the home renovation space.


BCom PPE (Politics, Philosophy, Economics) | BSc (Hons) Digital Product Management | TEFL Certified

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