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Art Therapy – Individual sessions




Art Therapy involves the use of different art materials through which a person can express and explore thoughts and feelings in a safe, contained and supportive space with different art materials (such as paint, clay, chalk, charcoal, crayons, marker’s, objects to cut and paste etc). The art object provides a focus for discussion, exploration and reflection or simply for relaxation. The art object offers an alternate medium to express, explore and work through thoughts, feelings and concerns. The process of making art and reflecting on it is firstly therapeutic but furthermore an opportunity for working through areas of “stuckness” which has an overall benefit on one’s personal wellbeing and effectiveness as an adult and professional. Everyone has a creative brain and in Art Therapy, you are supported in tapping into that part of your brain in order to allow for growth and transformation.

What the programme offers for the employee/individual:

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Alleviate burnout, stagnation
  • Helps to deal with limiting beliefs and difficult emotions and experiences
  • Assists with reducing anxiety
  • Provides a creative way of simply relaxing

During this session, individuals will create various pieces of artwork to achieve their objectives, whether it’s for stress reduction, to just simply play or assist with various emotions or issues that they may be facing.

1 hour per week  – R1000p/p (per month)

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